Lily at the School Gymnasium

Lily sat on the splintery bleachers, elbows on her knees, chin nestled in the palms of her hands while her fingers tapped a staccato rhythm on her cheekbones. Now that school was out for the day she had the vast space of the gym all to herself. Twin shafts of light fell through the high windows and highlighted the black scuffs on the floor. Her bouncing knees caused the bench she was on to creak as if she might fall through it at any moment. The old sweat-stained wood smell would have been offensive if it wasn’t so stale. She picked at the scab on her lips with her teeth until it pulled off and she rolled the little flake of skin and blood around in her mouth before spitting it to the floor. It wasn’t like a little more bodily fluid would really make a difference to this place.

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