Sneak Peek


This is just a quick preview of something larger that I am currently working on.

December 12, 2016

Krasnoyark Krai, USSR

63 Miles NE of Norilsk

I hate Siberia. That was my mantra as I crawled forwards, eyes squinted against the wind. I hate Siberia, I hate Siberia. The snow kept finding ways to sneak down the top of my coat, where it took longer and longer to melt as I got colder and colder. I saw the ridgeline, just ahead of me, wind howling up and over it, making the snow spray wildly into the air. My companion nudged me in the shoulder and leaned close enough to talk into my ear in his accented English. “How is it going, Typhoon?” Continue reading

World Building through Voice

A while ago I was working on a project set in a different world than ours, and one of the struggles I’ve encountered with that is how to build the world without explicit world-building exposition. One method I have settled on over the years is to do a lot of the heavy lifting through the characters that populate that world, through their dialogue and also through the thoughts of the point of view character. This is an excerpt that is heavy on character in order to build a universe. Continue reading

Wolf Waltz Writing

I would like to begin by welcoming myself to my new blog. As of right now, everything seems to be going well with it. My computer hasn’t melted into a puddle of plastic and silicone so I’d say that this project is off to a great start. I am planning on Wolf Waltz Writing being a place for me, Cameron LaVaughn Turner, to share my writing, thoughts, and projects with you, everybody else who isn’t me. As of now, I am the Wolf Waltz Writer. Let me just finish by welcoming all of you to this space. May we experience word-magic together.