Spy Thriller Short Short

“Fortress, where the hell is our helicopter?” Eric screamed into his mic. Next to him, Sato fired a few rounds at the security guards who had followed them up to the roof. Bullets thudded into the AC unit they were crouched behind.

Static crackled on the comm bead in his ear, “Raptor Actual this is Fortress, wait one.” He paused and in the break Eric fired his pistol blindly towards the roof access door. “Looks like they got held up by local air traffic control but they are on the way now, over.” Continue reading

Dialogue Snippet

Dialogue is a beast. It sometimes seems easy to write and flows well when read out loud. Other times it sounds clunky and forced. Writing short snippets of dialogue based on a scenario, or a moment in time, or a part of an overhead conversation seems to me to be the only real way to improve writing dialogue. In other words, just practice. Practice like this little exchange here between two college-aged friends. Continue reading