Spy Thriller Short Short

“Fortress, where the hell is our helicopter?” Eric screamed into his mic. Next to him, Sato fired a few rounds at the security guards who had followed them up to the roof. Bullets thudded into the AC unit they were crouched behind.

Static crackled on the comm bead in his ear, “Raptor Actual this is Fortress, wait one.” He paused and in the break Eric fired his pistol blindly towards the roof access door. “Looks like they got held up by local air traffic control but they are on the way now, over.”

Sato was shouting something but Eric couldn’t make it out. He pulled the trigger on his pistol again and it clicked. He dropped it. He’d run out of spare magazines before they even made it up to the roof. “Fortress, we are about to be overrun, and we are out of options here.” He looked down at Rachel and the pool of blood forming under her. “Raptor 2 is injured. We need that fucking helicopter!” He risked a look around the corner. Two more guards were stepping onto the roof, their guns raised towards him. He spat another curse and pulled his head back. He felt the vibrations of the bullets in the AC unit.

Sato was crouched down now too. He slammed a fresh magazine into his pistol and glanced at Eric. “This is my last one.” His voice was calm.

Eric nodded. “Fortress, this is Raptor Actual. We are out of ammunition, surrounded, and taking heavy fire. Please advise, over.” He heard Sato’s gun going off. He rolled Rachel over and checked her pulse. It was weaker than last time. He lifted her shirt and saw that the bandage around her gut had slipped. She whimpered when he touched the wound.

“Raptor Actual, this is Fortress. Your orders are to stand down. Dump the asset off the roof and surrender.”

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